"The belly rules the mind."
Spanish Proverb
"Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach"
Spanish saying



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Main Course

Stuffat tal-Qarnit
Octopus Casserole
Ragout de pieuvre


Pixxispad Moqli
Grilled Swordfish with a piquant sauce
Gegrillter schwertfisch mit scharfer sobe
Espadon grille sauce piquante


Flett tac-canga La Maltija
Fillet steak La Maltija


Flett tal-Haruf
Fillet of lamb Country style


Specjalita Taghna Fenek
Speciality of the House Rabbit
Spezialitat des Houses Kaninchen
Specialite de le maison Lapin


Kindly ask for the Speciality of the day
Fish Prices according to weight.

All prices are inclusive of VAT
Cover charge €1.50

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